Silco Software ltd

Sillco Software is a family business that builds great windows applications, Web applications using .Net framework, PHP, CSS and JavaScript and many more.

Sillco specialises in software integration and business processes' automation. We help our clients streamline their business processes in order to be more productive.

See blow our areas Of expertise.

Windows based Applications

We develop and maintain information management systems, integrate and streamline with your working processes such as;<br /> ✔ Case manager <br /> ✔ School information system <br /> ✔ Birth & and Death and Registration system <br />

Web based Application

Sillco has expertise in developing and maintaining web base applications. If you want to carry out your business processes online to increase and broading your customer base, Sillco is here for you.

Microsoft Office Plug-ins

If you want to automate and increase productivity of your business activities, that's what we can help you achieve. We can increase your Office capabilities including automations.